Emotional Imprint
Resolution Recorded

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MindSoul is HealthWalk’s signature program for every
aspect of mental, neurological, physical and emotional
wellness and transformation.
  • Emotional Imprint Resolution (E.I.R)

    The power to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually resides within each of us ...
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  • Metatelligence Learning System

    The HealthWalk Metatelligence Learning SystemTM is a Brain Lobe Specific Learning system ...Read more
  • MindSoul Brain Technologies

    MindSoul Brain Technologies utilizes over 90 years of research with tens of thousands of ...Read more


  • Creating Health
  • Stop Smoking
  • Healing The Luminous Body
  • Eliminating Anxiety
  • Quantum Creating
  • Weight Loss
  • Transforming Cancer
  • White Light Healing
  • Attracting Love
  • Transforming Addiction
  • Foundations For Life

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Developer of MindSoul

My personal health crisis changed my life forever and what I have found on my path back to vibrant health is now changing the lives of many others with our HealthWalk Clinic and Products. And it can transform yours too.- Mark Hinds, Developer of MindSoul
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Mark D. Hint