Emotional Imprint Resolution (E.I.R.)

Creating Health – Address the root cause of illness with a program developed to resolve and support Emotional Health

Stop Smoking – Address the core of smoking addiction. These CD’s have alone been shown to be over 80% effective in resolving a long-term smoking addiction.

Healing The Luminous Body – Also known as the “energy body”, which is a vital component of wellness. Emotional trauma and other traumatic events can cause blocks and other challenges in the energy body. This program has been designed to resolve these specific issues.

Quantum Creating – Offers a person to access their true inner-self, allowing the awareness of anything that could be preventing the manifestation of desires.  Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to deeply visualize and then imbed chosen thoughts and desires into reality.

Weight Loss – Designed by nutritionists, doctors, and other works quickly, provides long-term weights loss.

Transforming Cancer – Cancer is a misunderstood and resolvable illness. By working at the root cause and stimulating the body to heal itself, this program is a unique and powerful tool to resolve cancer issues.

Attracting Love – The Attracting Love program is a culmination of years of research to help you find the loving, happy, and compatible relationship you desire and deserve.

Transforming Addiction – Addiction is an often misunderstood and improperly supported illness. This program was designed to support you in resolving almost any addiction including drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling etc.

Foundation for Life – Everyone encounters many challenges that create imprints in our subconscious that negatively affect our lives. This program is designed to resolve all the imprints that hinder you from having the life you desire and deserve.

Eliminating Anxiety – Anxiety is created by conditioning and experiences; it creates biological responses is the body like shortness of breath, increased heart rate, nervousness, and other symptoms. This Program was designed to resolve the biological aspects of these issues.

White Light Healing – Physics has shown that the photons in light have the ability to induce trigger responses within the body and the brain can focus and gather light. The brain, therefore, is the ultimate conductor of light and can be utilized for positive transformation. The White Light program is based on this research and is effective in promoting wellness.