Mark Hinds

My personal health crisis changed my life forever and what I have found on my path back to vibrant health is now changing the lives of many others with our HealthWalk Clinic and Products. And it can transform yours too.

In 2002 I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and was told that I would be in a wheel chair for the rest of my life. Faced with a prognosis of “there is nothing we can do”, I researched every modality of healing globally. What I discovered is that there is a host of health and wellness research and technology that work on a different approach to transforming illnesses back to health. These modalities are based on analyzing all aspects of the body to determine and treat the root causes of the disease(s).

I was inspired to join forces with Hugh Smith, a prominent authority in this field to bring these holistic technologies and research together to create a system of wellness base on the complete analysis of the human body and to provide integrated solutions to the health issues identified.

After almost three years of a global and healing journey, along with the expert guidance of Dr. Smith, I was completely healed. The western medical community called it a “miracle”. I know better. It is possible for anyone to be healed with the appropriate technologies, supplements, and protocols. I am a living example of that. HealthWalk is my mission to share with the world what I have regained and enjoy vibrant health instead of a life bound in a wheelchair. It is my delight to offer you this same opportunity.

– Mark Hinds, Developer of MindSoul