Emotional Imprint Resolution (E.I.R)

The power to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually resides within each of us. MindSoul E.I.R.TM is facilitated through our clinically proven technology, whereby you are able to attain your ideal brain wave patterns [Esdaile State] supporting the achievement of physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual goals. In this particular mental state, the individual’s own Subconscious does the work necessary to facilitate healing and the mind is able to shift. The MindSoul E.I.R. program and CD’s were designed utilizing 24 channel EEG technology allowing for real time observation of brain activities for individuals’ response to sound, words, sentence structure, and music and from there a person may achieve these elusive states of mind where transformation and resolution occurs. From the analysis of the clinical data of thousands of individuals, certain patterns of information were revealed and provided evidence of consistent induction into these desired brain states was occurring.

Created from this research, the MindSoul E.I.R. CD’s and program provide the first of its type system and has proven clinical success over time.  MindSoul E.I.R. addresses a wide range of issues, from stress reduction, weight loss, smoking cessation, addiction resolution, depression and other emotional issues in today’s challenging world.  MindSoul E.I.R. technology represents a quantum leap forward in therapies which work with the subconscious mind to achieve overall health benefits.