Metatelligence Learning System

The HealthWalk Metatellilegence Learning System is a Brain Lobe Specific learning system which teaches and supports children, students and adults of all ages to develop, repair and enhance their memory, attention, focus, cognitive function, and productivity by stimulating, revitalizing and balancing their neuro pathways.

This program helps overcome focus and attention difficulties while teaching the client how to learn and retain information. The program enhances and improves recall, awareness, understand, concentration, cognitive function, and productivity. Using specially designed video games that stimulate the specific brain lobes, HealthWalk Metatelligence Learning System can help you develop better memory mental clarity and productivity in as little as five sessions.

Over Two Million, people have benefited from the program since 2002, including the US Department of Labor, Job Corps, schools, corporate training programs, rehabilitation centers and clinics throughout America and Europe. We are excited to offer this exclusive leading edge program with the creator of the program, Dr. Dennis Maness, Ph.D. on staff here at HealthWalk.